Buying a home is often the single largest financial obligation that you will engage in. In Georgia, AGENTS handle every aspect of the transaction; including negotiating, writing and managing the contract. The only attorney involved is at the closing – and they represent the lender. Georgia is also a "buyer beware" state. That means that home buyers are expected to do whatever research they deem important; but the burden to inspect is on buyers. Despite this, most people spend about as much time researching their agent as they do a restaurant to visit or movie to see. 85% of agents cannot live off their earnings; half leave the business before their second year. Do you want one of these hacks representing you? Of course not.

It starts with a definition of success

real-estate-goalsWhat constitutes success? We make you think; describe the home that you would buy right now. Where is it…what does it look like…how much does it cost…can you clearly describe it? The more we know about what you want the better the chance that we can find it before someone else does. Success also means understanding loan options; we have a group of loan reps that our past buyers have love. They answer questions, offer suggestions and take the anxiety out of the mortgage process.

The internet and technology save time

real-estate-techWe leverage technology for you. You get highly specific emails targeting your desired area, the same ones agents get. You see homes when they hit the market, a huge edge in a highly competitive market. We desk top review EVERY home before going out; we look for problems to avoid. We review prices, value trends, listing history and even the other agent and use this to evaluate the home. Our appraisal resources are key here; we don’t waste time looking at homes that don’t pass the desk review. You’ll see everything we see and have it explained.

It comes down to numbers

overpriced-home-listingTo us every home purchase is a math problem; does the data support it and does this home make sense for you to buy? Every opportunity balances “indicated value” with “value in use”; how does this home work for you? While at the home we look for issues; condition, quality, known material deficiencies, external issues, the lot, drainage, the floor plan, location in the community…and many more things 30+ years of walking homes with a critical eye develops. We’ll keep things in context but we have no problem telling you not to buy a home.

 Contract writing and management expertise

real-estate-contract-negotiationIn GA, agents represent home buyers from hello to closing. Do you want one of those 85% of hacks writing and managing your contract? We write hundreds of contracts a year, counsel and review hundreds of others. Words matter; ensuring the proper clauses and stipulations are present is critical. Managing the contract through negotiation, inspection, appraisal, financing…everything is easy and boring until something is missed due to inexperience, inattentiveness and mismanagement. When things go wrong in real estate, they tend to be very big, very expensive and very unsettling.

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