The average home buyer spends a few seconds deciding if a home is "click worthy"; it's critical to keep them engaged and curious. By using professionally prepared videos and carefully highlighting the features that the targeted buyer wants, the Hank Miller Team gets buyers to linger to "see what's next". Both short teaser videos and snippets are used along with longer more developed videos for larger and unique homes. Professionally shot, produced and ready for distribution the moment the listing hits the market, the buyers are ready and so are the listings. No "video coming" nonsense, the buyers won't wait.

Both Shorter and Longer Versions Available for Use


These videos capture the attention of perspective buyers and encourage interaction. They are push marketed in a number of ways to productive agents and perspective buyers. Social media is a rich environment for viral distribution, these videos along with print and on line brochures, present your home in the best possible way. The key is to engage and remain in contact and ultimately generate a winning offer. A complete marketing package, well executed ad plan and consistent and fast follow up are the keys to success.

The Hank Miller Team puts 30+ years of full time sales & appraisal experience to work for you. Act with complete confidence & make sound, decisive real estate decisions. 678-428-8276 and
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