Home buyers cruising listings are similar to a roulette wheel, the key is finding a way to stop them. Professional media, engaging photos and targeted marketing does that. Our listings identify the most likely buyer, we understand what they want and compel them to stop. Key words are used to ensure SEO friendly results; our trusted professionals in photography and video produce only the best results. Printed marketing is left for on site buyers to take home, giving them something tangible to recall the home. Very targeted social media ads and push marketing to productive agents in the area get your home in front of the right folks. Your home will get clicks and inquiries, that is the first step to an offer.

Well designed quality brochures make it easy to remember a home after a day of house hunting. Having both physical and virtual options makes them easy to send to agents and buyers ahead of or after inspection. Professionally produced videos offer the perfect compliment to brochures. The key is to engage and remain in contact and ultimately generate a winning offer. A complete marketing package, well executed ad plan and consistent and fast follow up are the keys to success.

The Hank Miller Team puts 30+ years of full time sales & appraisal experience to work for you. Act with complete confidence & make sound, decisive real estate decisions. 678-428-8276 and info@hmtatlanta.com
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