Always use a buyer’s agent when building a home. Building a home can be one of the most rewarding and yet stressful things you do. Like most things in life, there are significant benefits to working with experts. Always remember that the site agent represents THE BUILDER, not you. Their job is to get signed contracts; not represent your best interests. Even the playing field – at no cost – and bring us into the equation; we work for you only.

Ask the agent to show you, IN THE CONTRACT, where you will be credited the commission if you don't use an agent. Specifically that, not the routine "bonuses" offered. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN.

The model home agent IS NOT your friend

The helpful, cheerful agent in the model home is not your ally. That agent works solely for the builder; they are contractually and legally bound to represent them, not you. Of course they will encourage you to write an offer and walk you through the process. But make no mistake; they are fully and completely aligned only with the builder. Things will go wrong; when they do you’ll benefit from experts that know the process and how to deal with builders. The site agent…well they’ll smile and say “that’s how it’s supposed to be”.

Research ALL options, not just new homes

There’s more behind the decision to build a new home than most people think. We complete area research just as with existing homes, and then add the additional dimension of new homes. How do new and existing compare? What are the trends with new construction, this builder, this community? What can be expected down the road? Is building a financially sound move compared to buying an existing home? You will be well educated and the benefit of the research that we provide will be clear.

The site agent is legally bound to represent ONLY the best interest of the builder. They are paid to get signed contracts, that is all. When - not if - things go sideways they will ALWAYS side with the builder. We are YOUR advocate.

We help keep you sane during the build

Sitting in a design center picking your cabinet pulls before the first shovel of dirt is moved can be daunting. Most builders are “production builders”; they offer few choices because their objective is to build and close homes. We quickly cut through the clutter and offer sage advice on everything from lot selection to upgrades. We will save you from being mesmerized by that list of overpriced options or that siren song from the “preferred” lender.

We're there when things get sideways

Every build – every one – has issues. Builders have excuses and almost all are complete nonsense. We ride herd on the build. We’re out there on a regular basis, we’ll suggest private inspectors, we’ll be there for every walk through and meeting and we are your advocate at every step of the way right through completion. We’ve handled builds with the wrong brick; wrong cabinets, incorrectly placed walls, wrong fixtures and colors…pick a topic. We’ve had to threaten litigation, use Linked-In to shoot emails to regional and national reps and become the squeaky wheel; prefer not to but always ready.

The Hank Miller Team puts 30+ years of full time sales & appraisal experience to work for you. Act with complete confidence & make sound, decisive real estate decisions. 678-428-8276 and