The Atlanta housing market enjoyed a relatively strong first few months of 2023. Despite the hysterical click bait headlines from the national media, this market is not crashing and there is no reason to expect it will. A May 2022 to May 2023 look at key Atlanta housing market indicators demonstrates what we professionals saw; an adjustment to rising rates followed by a recovery.

Recovery in the sense of acclimation to the rate change and continued inflation. The interest rate bumps clearly reduced overall numbers but the remaining buyers tend to be more seasoned and appear to have adjusted. Sellers, while still in control, cannot simply put a price on a home and expect multiple offers. Competition remains in areas but sellers must be more accurate or risk becoming stagnant and stale.

Atlanta Area Home Prices

  • No price collapse in this market
  • List and contract prices are up
  • Spring ’23 prices rebounded from later ’22 lows
  • Sellers remain in control but over list is not the norm
  • The Atlanta market remains more stable than others, largely level YOY

Home Absorption Rate in Atlanta

  • % of homes sold - down 7.7% YOY
  • % of homes contracted - down 8.1% YOY
  • Significant drop Q3-Q4 ‘22
  • Strong rebound Q1-Q2 (to date) ‘23
  • Interest rates, inflation, inventory remain challenges

Days on Market Around Atlanta

  • Closed Days on Market 0-90 -2.4% YOY
  • Closed Days on Market 91-180 +52.8% YOY
  • Closed Days on Market 181+ +11.2% YOY
  • 76.5% of homes closing 0-90 days in 5/23 shows quality inventory selling vigorously
  • Marginalized, overpriced, unappealing homes are sitting

Housing Supply in Atlanta

  • 0-3 months favors sellers, 3-6 balanced, 6+ favors buyers
  • Months of supply is up marginally YOY
  • Still under 2 months indicates it remains a seller’s market
  • The rise is likely due to the marginalized, overpriced, unappealing homes sitting
  • Expect this to stabilize at 2+- into the later ‘23

Homes Sold Around Atlanta

  • Numbers for all categories are down
  • Sellers chased the market as rates increased
  • Active listings in ’23 have been largely stable
  • Contracts and closed sales generally level since Mar
  • Usual seasonal slow down expected later July-Aug

The greater Atlanta housing market did not collapse over the last year and isn't expected to collapse any time soon. Don't swallow the nonsense pushed by the main stream media, it is disingenuous and misleading to universally judge real estate markets; every single one is different. Atlanta real estate markets like Roswell and Marietta, experienced the interest rate shock, adjusted, and got back to it. Inventory is the driving force at this point, most owners are not giving up those low rates unless absolutely necessary. We'll see where things go...and we'll keep you posted.

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