The best real estate agent is one that is comfortable with the word "no". The best buyer is prepared, focused and also very comfortable with the word "no". In strong, competitive seller's markets, "no" is a critical buyer asset. Unfortunately, a good 75% of the insanely bloated agent population is unskilled, indifferent or reluctant to push a buyer away from a home. Many don't want to be "the bad guy" and defer that role to others. They hope the inspector, appraiser or others take the hit. Buyers that work with subpar agents like this or slip into "heart over head" decision making, may find that buyer's remorse is a real thing in this market.

Below are a few videos that showcase potential disasters waiting for unsuspecting buyers and their unskilled agents. One is a complete horror show at every level, one is over $1M with significant floor issues and one highlights very common water control issues. Different levels of trouble, all things buyers need to be aware.

The "Where to Start" House

This was an active listing that a buyer of ours wanted to see. They were up against a very very tight window to move and options were limited; however sleeping on a tarp outside would have been better than buying this home. In this one home, we see excellent examples of multiple issues; there is no doubt that there were additional problems in the attic and behind the walls. The LP/GP siding is very concerning and common around this area. The pool pretty much summed up the listing - which as horrific as it was, sold....certainly not to our clients.

"Executive" Home, Mangled Hardwoods Included

One of the most common issues we see are genuine hardwood floors that are improperly installed. Of course, many agents call anything with a "wood" pattern, "hardwood". We see laminate, vinyl, LPV and even sheet linoleum called hardwood. How that's possible is unknown; or is it just to bring in traffic? With genuine hardwood, you can spot problems and warts if you know what to look for. This was a 1.5M+ warty home with major moisture and flooring issues, all reflected on the appraisal report.

Water...Stay in Your Lane

You don't defeat water, you negotiate with it. Water will be something that requires require attention, sleep on controlling it and you will have issues. In this case, we have a two sloping yards with one route for water to pass. The key thing to notice here is that the terrain is well laid out, the water collects as it should. Both yards however, can do much better with moving the water off and into the street. Failure to do so results in continued erosion so work needs to be done and money spent. In this case, a rather easy fix. A full dry creek bed was installed from fence to street with an additional two catch basins; problem solved in a very aesthetic way.

agents move on, buyers move in

Owning a home is a financial and time commitment, there are always things to do and money to be spent. These are depreciating items but appreciating (usually) assets. Owners must attend to the deferred maintenance because even new homes need attention. In that light,pay attention when out looking at homes. Work with an agent that is experienced, one that will review and eliminate the trap homes. One that will be candid and professional enough to say "no"; however many times that necessary. Remember, agents move on, buyer move in.

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