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What is the forecast for the Atlanta real estate market in 2024? Contrary to most every regional and national prognosticator, the only legitimate answer is "it depends". It's critical to understand prior markets, look for patterns, and temper that with current economic conditions. The idea that any "housing" or "economic expert" can authoritatively declare where this market is headed over the year is absurd. How can variables like local and national economic conditions, consumer debt, consumer confidence, the Fed, global supply chains, wars and conflict and a hundred other wild cards be corralled? They cannot.

We can however, develop supported opinions by combining recent data, extensive local experience and cautious interpretation of the variables…

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Well Q3 '23 is in the books and it's time for the latest Atlanta real estate market update. Here, we look back year over year and compare Q3 '23 to Q3 '22. The charts look back to Q3 '20 for a broader perspective, but the data results show changes year over year. The six major "greater Atlanta area" counties are considered; there are multiple versions of "Atlanta" but for continuity we keep it to these six (Cherokee, Cobb, Dekalb, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett). We'll answer the "how many, how long, and how much" questions.

How is the Housing Inventory in Atlanta?

housing inventory in atlanta

  • Like the nation, numbers are down for active listings, under contract and sold homes
  • The number of contracts and closings recovered from the low in Q4 '22
  • Fewer listings than a…

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The first half of the Atlanta 2023 housing market shared many similarities with the first half of the 2022 real estate market. Despite continuous caterwauling from the MSM about a crash, home prices around greater Atlanta haven't really moved from a year ago. In fact, some market are ahead of those record highs of '22. Clearly it's not the same market, but the interest rate shock seems to be accounted for.

Owners Love Low Mortgages

Pretty simple. During the pandemic, the government bought mortgage backed securities and artificially maintained those historically low interest rates. Working at home became "a thing" and people spent a lot more time in and around their homes. Many leveraged those low rates and refinanced, taking money out and completing…

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The grizzled crusty veterans feel it and the questions are the Atlanta real estate market shifting? Has the move away from historic inventory shortages and home buyer frustration finally started? That argument can be made...and while the data lags by several weeks, the radar of many experienced agents is lit. The feeling in the field can't always be immediately confirmed but we're beginning to see the data evidence. It'll take a few more months as markets always tend to "feel" before the "proof"; that's just a challenge of the business. One thing that's not debated, the mortgage rate increases (with more promised) have been an ice bucket challenge to the market.

But first -it bears repeating that "the Atlanta market" is not a monolith; it…

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The curtain fell on 2021 and the housing market report for greater Atlanta can be succinctly summed up; crazy. In addition the last quarter being traditionally slow, the big influences on the market were inflation levels unseen in 40 yrs, supply chain shortages, labor issues and of course the rise and run of the omicron covid variant. That is best described as an endemic; like the flu it's evident that the covid situation isn't going anywhere. So despite all of that, we did have a 4th qtr housing market report for Atlanta and it read much the same as the rest of 2021; record low inventory and frustrated buyers.  What lies ahead for 2022? Well we know rising rates; as this is written in mid Jan, rates are already up from a few weeks ago and they will…

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Trying to predict any market; stock, bond, mortgage, real estate or other type is a measured guess at best. Toss in a global pandemic, global supply chain issues along with global inflation and the challenge is exacerbated. But in this maelstrom comes a confident 2022 housing market forecast from Goldman Sachs; they predict home prices will appreciate 16% during 2022.

In 2019 the housing market found its legs and combined with a historically strong economy and low rates, the housing market caught fire. The pandemic slammed on the brakes, but by mid ’20 things inexplicably exploded. Prices skyrocketed, competition was ferocious and this fever has been running hot through most of ’21. The two main drivers; low mortgage rates and historically low…

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Pigs get fed and hogs get slaughtered. Not every home is going to attract viscous competition, even with historically low inventory. Buyers are willing to pay handsomely for renovated and well maintained homes, for homes in highly desirable settings, for high quality well-built homes and for homes that offer something unique that draws them. The idea that sellers can simply put a price on a home and buyers will jump isn’t reality. The media however, has sellers convinced it’s a “name your price” environment. It’s not. Sellers that accurately price their homes will do the best, not just with price but by controlling the transaction. Sink that hook deep, set the rules for the game and tilt the table. An accurately priced, well presented home will draw…

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