Poor control of water around a home is the hands down leading cause of problems. Water directly contributes to erosion, rot, foundation and driveway issues; if left unchecked, the structure will fail. This is an issue that's commonly seen around residential homes, building inspectors consistently note it in the form of clogged gutters, downspouts that empty next to the home and "reverse slopes" where water drains toward the home. Routine maintenance but not so routine given the regularity with which issues are seen.

This first video is an excellent example of how water wears away and compromises a driveway. Concrete gets hard and cracks, that's a given. Here, we see the prolonged damage that water did and the resulting settling and deflection. It literally undermines and erodes the base the drive rests on.

All hell broke loose with this home. Water (from both outside and in) damaged thing from the basement to the attic. Also present was mold; perfect conditions for it with the warm, damp Marietta climate. A big part of the problem was a "DIY Ranger"; the owner completed work around the home and it had all the signs of him attending a Saturday morning class at Home Depot then running home to work on the home. A disaster as evidenced in the video. This was a text book example of every major situation all wrapped into one bundle.

Needless to say, we used it as a learning experience. I called the agent and brought these issues up; he was either genuinely naive, exceptionally dumb or thought he was one of the best BS artists around. I concluded it was number two; he's since moved on to conquer another field of study.

It's plastered all over this site - treat the purchase of a home like a business transaction. Someone bought this home at near list price, that cannot have ended well as a significant amount of repair - including major mold remediation - was required. Work with professional agents that have the experience to spot the hidden issues and the chops to say "no". Buyers move in and agents move on...

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Water damage happens not just happens in your basement, kitchen, and living room but also in your driveway. As a homeowner, it is vital to know the things you need to do should you encounter this issue. But there is one thing for sure. You need to get the service of an expert in order to do the restoration as fast and as effectively as possible. This is not a do-it-yourself job and should only be left to experts.

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