The Atlanta area consistently ranks as one of the very top markets for home flippers. The term "flipping" has a ridiculously broad definition, it ranges from changing the locks and selling it to completely a full remodel and selling it. The TV shows can't fully develop all of the headaches; in 22 minutes they need to wrap things up with smiling faces. The internet parasites selling "secrets" on how to make millions are delighted selling nonsense and collecting a few hundred bucks from each "never to be millionaire". Flipping homes is exceptionally messy, difficult at every level and stressful beyond description. It will keep you up at night, make you gray before your time and likely cost you money and time.

What Does a Flip Home Look Like?

There is no definitive answer to that question, each one is it's own treasure. They usually range in levels of disgusting; often the question of "how is this possible" is muttered during the inspection. Here's a short video of one that was acquired "off market"; through techniques outside of the MLS and agent community. In the grand scheme of things, this is one is in better shape than most. Have a look...

Having worked through thousands of distressed home appraisals during the crash/recovery years, it is one hundred percent accurate to say the average "investor" has no idea what they don't know. During the boom/bust, we appraised the same homes multiple times as "investors" crashed and burned. HGTV is not accurate at any level. The only show with some degree of accuracy is/was Windy City Rehab. Alison Victoria excels at what she does yet she ended up in a situation which literally broke her and one that she never saw coming. She's a pro and crawling back into things...but just sayin....

We're here to answer your questions on flips, happy to keep you out of trouble...

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