landscape swaleWater is not a home owner's friend, it is constantly looking for ways to cause trouble. But it's predictable, we know it flows downhill and that is the key to successful water control. The short clips below are a great example of proper surface water control. This builder, unlike most, did a great job in setting a predictable pattern to control surface water runoff. This is a big plus, most builders could not care less about things like this; get in and get out as fast as possible and when problems develop just say "the county approved it so...". Salute to this builder.

Swales Provide Surface Water Control

A swale is a shallow, gently sloping depression or channel in the landscape designed to collect and redirect surface water runoff. It is typically lined with grass or other vegetation to slow down the flow of water, promote infiltration into the soil, and help filter pollutants. Swales are used for various purposes, including storm water management, erosion control, and landscape enhancement. Here's a great example of a properly designed swale.

That swale, riprap and drain system work in conjunction with this larger storm drain arrangement. Again, the builder took the time to properly plan for water control and based everything on the obvious "water flows down hill". Give water a path and encourage it to follow that path.

Water Will Cause Problems

Water is relentless, ignoring it just exacerbates the problems. We've been around thousands of homes over three decades, homes with water problems are pretty easy to spot if you know what to look for.  Erosion, moss, soggy ground, reverse slopes, fungi...

No home is perfect, including new homes. Sites and yards change constantly; weather, maintenance, vegetation, and even area development can change how water flows around a home. The simplest and most basic water control is to keep gutters and downspouts clean, functional and positioned so they direct water away from the home. Down and away; don't have the downspout empty against the home, add and bury an extender. Pay attention to water, it's much easier and cheaper to prevent water associated issues than it is to treat them. Don't let this happen.

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